Archive | July 18, 2006

a chill bit of doggerel

Jet Stream, Jet stream,
Come and bring
Light chill winds from Canada’s plains
Cool us off this summer time
A month of hot, hot days is fine
If on your journey you give us a chill
Please come down here and blow your fill
Nights in the high seventies are just wrong
So hear me when I sing this song.

I need to figure out how to get enough time off so Ali and I can be in London next July 7 and how we can afford it. Why? The Tour de France will go through London that day. It would be too cool to see London again and see the Tour. We can do this somehow. And just happen to
visit Foyle’s bookstore.

Oh and the Natural History Museum and the British Museum and the Girl Guide Headquarters and Greenwich and Portsmouth and Covent Garden and … you get the picture.