Archive | July 16, 2006

Last night at 7pm it was 103 degrees and it was 96 at 10pm when I tried to go to bed. This heat was ridiculous. The beach yesterday morning was lovely and cool and while we were there, uncrowded and according to the cars thermometer 73 degrees as I climbed over the hill and watched it rise as I got nearer the San Fernando Valley.

The ritual was lovely and spiritually refreshing. I’m even glad I got up for an 8am ritual. Wasn’t too sure I would be. I hate getting up early on a weekend since I get up at 5:30am every morning.

The Sisters of the Sea took out ritual offerings of chocolate and fruit and re-decorated the waterline with the flowers. Goddesses know their priorities! LOL!

FYI: Our sisters of the Sea are Isis, Yemaya, Aphrodite, Mare, Kwan Yin,and Nepthys

It was wonderful to spend an hour or two with the embodiment of goddesses and a god, (Hi Mr Steven).

I needed an outdoor ritual.

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