Archive | July 12, 2006

I went to see Pirates and was amused by the fact that the place was full of well-behaved under 13 year olds with their parents. What amused me was the a fact that they were being exposed to British cuss words that used to get my mouth washed out. “Bugger” is no less a cuss word than the F word and “bloody hell” got me swatted by my grandmother once. But I’m sure these parents would have been appalled if they had word “fuck” or “shit or any of the other cuss words.

Pirates Playlist

Pirate Playlist

1. Yo Ho Yo Ho, a Pirate’s life for me. – Classic Disney – Pirates of the Caribbean ride
2. Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid
3. Barbossa is Hungry – POTC, Curse of the Black Pearl
4. Fog Bound – POTC
5. He’s A Pirate – POTC
6. The Far Side of the World – Master and Commander
7. Into the Fog – Master and Commander
8. You Look Good Jack – POTC Davy Jones Locker
9. Two Hornpipes (Tortuga) POTC Davy Jones Locker
10. Barrett’s Privateers – Stan Rogers
11. Calypso – John Denver
12. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo and Stitch
13. He Mele Ni Lilo
14. Roast Beef of Old England – Jerry Bryant
15. Heart of Oak – Jerry Bryant
16. Blow the Man Down – Johnny Collins
17. Jamie Raeburn/ – Tannahil Weavers
18. Jack Sparrow – POTC Davy Jones Locker
19. Davy Jones – POTC Davy Jones Locker
20. Tia Dalma – POTC Davy Jones Locker
21. Dinner is Served – POTC Davy Jones Locker

Mary Magdalene Ritual

An Invitation for a Mary Magdalen afternoon at UUC Long Beach on Sunday, July 30th.
Celebrate with an MM workship, an MM playday, MM serious and laughing, humming, singing, dancing.

The theme is Myriam the Questioner. Do you have questions for her?
Does She have questions for you? Do you have questions for you?
She is Goddess of Paradox.
She is the One Who Asks Too Many Questions, but she did not sit down
and remain still. And she is Divine Silence, Stillness.
She is the One who arises and Returns: Divine Woman, Passionate
Female, Dancing, Questioning, Knowing, Being.

Time: 1:30PM to 5:00 PM, ending with celebration of Gnostic Rite @4PM
Address: 5450 Atherton Blvd, Long Beach
Donation: $15-25 or whatever you can do–no one turned away
Bring food or flower if you so desire.
Contact: Catherine Wright,

Event co-sponsored by Spritual Practices Committe of UUCLB

Megrims part deux

I’m trying to figure out if eating breakfast is a good idea or a theoretical idea that should stay a theory. The ice tea seems good. I also wondering if this is caused by just too many days of heat and not being able to sleep soundly. For near three weeks it has been over 90 everyday and in most days over 100. It’s just wrong for it to be 90 degrees at 6 pm and never under 70 some nights. I can’t sleep with AC on and I sleep with the windows wide open. I changed the sheets a few days ago and never bothered with the top sheet. I refuse to sleep naked because as soon as I do there will be an earthquake, that is a given and I have no desire to try and find my underwear by braile.

One silly note, Friday night I was incredibly warm at the feet and in that state was having weird hot foot dreams about being wrapped in soft cotton. It was the cat, She was sleeping at my feet and had wrapped her her long and bountiful tail around my feet. Hence, the hot feet.

We have a teenage crow in our neighborhood. Every year we get one or two and mom and dad get tired of the whining and dump them in our yard. They sit in the trees or on the wires and caw in these funny unchanged voices for hours at a time trying to get mom and dad to feed them. Mom and dad ignore them even if they are in the next tree. It would be funny if I could sleep thru it.

Our yard has become some kind of junior high school for animals between the delinquent girl squirrels and the teenage crows.