Archive | July 11, 2006

Megrims and becalmed

I’ve had a migraine for 3 days and nothing, not even my sure-fire cure, sleep is working. If I catch the little man with the pitchfork who is trying to push my right eye out it won’t be pretty. I feel like Ragetti in “Pirates”.

I hate the whole light sensitivity, upset tummy achey yuck feeling.

And I let myself stay home from work and missed a meeting I thought was today that I had to be at because the CA business is all screwed up. AND being mad is not helping. I’m sitting at my desk with dark glasses on and wishing for a new head and neck. And that I could shoot out the fluorescent light out that doesn’t have a diffuser on it over my desk.

The one bright spot we saw “Pirates” before this hit Sunday. I loved it. But then I love anything with lots of sight gags in the background and this has plenty. It’s just fun and I was right about the way it ended, HA! to the person at work that thought that wouldn’t happen, didn’t think that would happen quite that way but still…

Plus they has 2 lovely programs on the History Channel on Pirates and the NQG (No Quarter Given) editor we always see at the Pirate Faires was one of the experts. Looked weird to see her out of Pirate Garb. But the program was excellent.

I’m hooked on a new show on PBS “How Art Made The World”. It’s on the history of man creating images and how the uses of images changed the route history has taken.