Archive | July 6, 2006

Bead Lust

For over a year I haven’t really made any jewelry or been inspired to put anything together. But in the last couple of weeks it has come back and with a vengence. I have a severe case of bead lust and too many ideas at once. It’s making my brain feel like it’s going to explode. 3 orders to Fire Mountain Gems and one to Oriental Trading Company’s new bead section.

I’m even contemplating entering the County Fair again but I have to make up my mind by the 11th. Last year I just couldn’t do it.

It’s too warm to sleep and when we turn the AC on the cats start sneezing. So my sleep, the little I’m getting is weird. The other morning I was dreaming Dave Zabriskie was a squirrel. (Dave Zabriskie is a rider for CSC in the Tour de France) Squirrels should not wear riding kit. A squirrel in a bike helmet is just wrong.

This morning at 5am the WWF (Wildlife Wrestling Federation)was back and now they are into tag team wrestling because the other female squirrel that we thought was just chubby had her baby girl. So now there are 3 small squirrels wrestling across 2 balconies and up and down the trees and roof.

I think they are practicing parthenogenesis.

Next I think I will make them wrestling silks.

Make mimis now?