I’m so sleepy. I kept waking up all night because I was hot and I haven’t slept well all weekend because of the fools who feel the need to set off illegal fireworks. I grew up in a neighborhood prone to brush fires and I worked in the mountains for many years so it just makes me crazy. Monday night we had a drive-by firework problem.

Guys would pull up in a champagne Lexus open their trunk and set off m80’s and these loud three story fountains which got way too close to our roofs. And then go around the block and do it again and then come around again. I called 911 and they told me unless we were on fire it wasn’t an emergency. I am never, ever, ever voting for anything for the LAPD again on a bond issue. We keep having this problem we’ve even had a guy murdered on our street but the cops never come or once they sent a car with no radio just a cell phone. Yeah, we feel safe. I want to move back to Pasadena, They come and they come quick when you call.