I’m thinking of doing the previously un-thinkable… Cutting my hair.
I’ve had my hair long since I got old enough to tell my mother to mind her own business except for one excessively dykey period of a few years when I had either very short hair, (an inch long)or a mullet (ahhhhhhh, that was a mistake). Long, as in usually at least waist length and usually longer.

All the time I was a kid, mom kept it in this stupid pixie cut because she hated long hair. I have cowlicks that are matching devil/satyr horns when it’s too short. A mole which makes it stick straight out of the back of my head.

Anyway, the whiter it gets. It seems to be skipping grey and going straight to white, the more it breaks and misbehaves. But the hair is still baby fine and I have this vision that I will look like a giant dandelion or Albert Einstein without the bloodhound look.

First it was auburn and then it faded to a light brown and now it’s going white. And I suppose I shouldn’t bitch since Alison is way more white and 2 of my cousins have been all white since their 20’s.

But the darn stuff floats.

How shallow can one get? Worrying that you will look like a dandelion?