Archive | June 28, 2006

Someone had a meme going for awhile about your LJ name so I thought I would explain mine.

I was given a Native American name when I was a Camp Fire Girl back in the Dark Ages. KaTao Kani which allegedly means Singing Trees in Nature/Outdoors. Where the heck else is a tree? It was given because I was always in one, on one, under one and because I couldn’t be shut up. I was always singing. My mom even came in my bedroom one night to tell me to shut up. I was sound asleep and singing a hymn at the top of my lungs, badly she said, but oh well, I was asleep.

Anyway, many years later I went to work for the enemy, a Girl Scout Camp, little subversive that I was and afraid I still am. And they made you have a camp name so I chose KaTao. At the next GS camp one of the counselors decided this was too long and took to calling me Kat. All very strange, because that Camp was called Singing Pines. So Singing Trees ended up at Singing Pines. And all my friends called me Kat.

I joined the Temple of Isis, Los Angeles and there was a Catherine and a Cat already. And since I joined a Celtic/Scottish group within the group we were always talking about the Fae. I was also born with a genetic anomalie called Darwin’s tubercle. What is that? It means you have pointed ears and when I get excited they get more and more pointed I’m told by observers. So my name changed again and I am ElfKat.

So now you know.