Happiness Runs

I thought in the spirit of yesterday’s posting I would start a meme. Hopefully a painless one. Please take the criteria and post it on your own blog if you wish. No tagging, just if you want to do it.

Please list 5, or more simple things that gave you happiness or even joy in summer as a child and by child I mean under 18 years old.

For me it’s:
1. Hide and Go Seek at 10:00pm at night with the whole neighborhood
2. Swinging and singing at the top of my lungs in the backyard
3. Running through the sprinklers
4. An ice cream cone with chocolate chip ice cream
5. Swimming on a hot summer day till your lungs hurt and how clean you felt after a shower with clean clothes on
6. Sitting in our apricot tree reading
7. A new box of crayons and fresh white paper
8. Spending time with my grandma
9. Gardening with my dad
10. The moon in summer when it’s huge

Name 5 simple things that gave or give you joy from age 18 to 49

1. Singing and playing the guitar with my friends at dusk at camp
2. Campfires with the kids and my friends
3. Ice cream stolen from the camp kitchen
4. The moon in summer when it’s huge
5. Swimming in the summer and how clean you feel after a shower with clean clothes on
6. Wind in the pines and sitting quietly listening
7. Lots of new art supplies to teach Arts and Crafts with
8. Sitting under a tree reading with a glass of ice tea
9. Backpacking
10. Gardening

If you are over 50, name simple things that make you happy now:

1. Singing at the top of my lungs in the car
2. Riding my trike and feeling free
3. New pens and paper to draw with
4. Making things with my hands
5. Wind in the trees
6. A walk in the evening down to Rite Aid for an ice cream cone, still with chocolate chip
7. Ritual with my sisters outside
8. Gardening with my sister and the squirrel overseers
9. Taking pictures in nature
10. The moon in the summer when it’s huge

How many things are on all your lists? How has time changed what makes you happy? Next challenge, do one from each list if you can. Be Happy!