Archive | June 17, 2006

Today was just surreal. We are now property owners. The property is a bit small and is double wide. It just happens to be a burial plot. As I have mentioned before our family is missing a reverence gene. we all have a strong sense of the absurdities of life.  At least the guy at the cemetary just went with it. It turns out you can’t buy a single plot at this cemetary and everyone else in the family wants to be cremated so what do you do with an extra space? Ali suggested we use a post hole digger and the whole family that’s left can fit in the extra. The poor man just looked at us. We thought it was funny anyway and just sat giggling. We’d already been all over the area trying to find Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma and Grandpa who just happen to be buried in Avalon. We couldn’t find the rest of the family. The 2 graves they sent us to afterwards have the same names but the dates are wrong.

We also made 2 crazy phone calls when the guy was out of the room to my cousin    sjogirl52 trying to find out our other Great Grandfather’s full name because they had given us the wrong grave. 

Did I mention we were in shorts and polo shirts? It’s been too hot and we thought the polo shirts were better than t-shirts. We passed 2 very formal funerals and we were severely underdressed for the people in their BMW’s, Jags and Mercedes. Oh well. They were a lot hotter than we were because they were passing out cold bottles of water and one graveside service.

We just kept laughing the whole time we were there. The guy said at least we weren’t crying.