Archive | June 16, 2006


For the first time since Cam died I look at a jewelry supply catalogue and had ideas about how to use things. It’s been really weird because I could always look at a bunch beads or supplies and know what I could create out of them. But when Cam died, nada, it was just a bunch of beads. The writing thing was easier because I could pretend I was telling him a story and know he would be amused. He would tell me to keep writing and that if I put it in my journal people would read it that I never knew would and that I could have a way to share. I still don’t know who all, if anyone likes the stories about a Bunny Goddess but at least they are out there. Rather cathartic it is, too.

Creativity is such a strange elusive little bird sometimes. It goes where it wills and escapes through your fingers if you want it too much.

So the magpie is alive and well with a paycheck and 2 catalogues. And now, 2 orders. Fire Mountain Gems is evil and seductive and oh, Gaia, way too much fun.

The icon is from a visit to the L.A. County fair where I won a bunch of ribbons for making glass and shiny objects.

I think my sister’s cat is the re-incarnation of Theda Bara. When she gets too hot she poses with one leg out and a paw draped across her eyes all stretched out across the ottoman like it’s a cat sized fainting couch. She is the ultimate drama queen. (Theda Bara for those to young to know was a star of the silent screen)