Archive | June 14, 2006

Today’s Ipod madness:

Bride’s Farewell – Steeleye Span
Real Gone – Sheryl Crow
Broom o’ Cowdenknowes – Silly Wizard
Signs – Five Man Electric Band
To Try for the Sun – Donovan
This Piece of Earth – West of Eden
Ready for the Storm – D’eanta
Only a Dream – Mary Chapin Carpenter
The Circle Game – Tom Rush
My Heart Would Know – Hank Williams
Mairi’s Wedding – Brigham Philips
So Hard – The Dixie Chicks
Siuil a Ruin – Anuna
Concerning Hobbits – Howard Shore
Fuaim a ‘Bhlair – Runrih
Heart of Oak – Jerry Bryant
Red-haired Mary – Emerald Rose
Under the Moon – Bill Douglas
Bessie – Randy Newman
Mighty Mouse theme
Fire Within – Libana
Till I sleep – Wolfstone