Archive | June 12, 2006


Sunday we went to see “Cars”. I loved it. It started out kind of slow but when it finally gets going it’s very funny. I loved the Hudson Hornet, Luigi and Guido and the credits almost made me fall out of my sleep laughing. It also has all the usual Pixar in-jokes that make bust up when you catch them.

We needed that laugh because after the movie we went to see Mom. She knew who Mary Beth and Ali were as concepts but not who we were. Actually, she thought we were turtles. When we got there she was mumbling something about “there are 50 of them and we need to get them” but she couldn’t explain what she meant when asked. She kept saying she didn’t know anything, “I don’t know who, what, where anymore”. And them she said she didn’t want to die. Ali and I just took turns holding her hand and stroking her hair and I’m afraid crying like a couple of leaky watering cans and there was no tissue in the room. Paper towels are nasty Kleenex.

Weird thing- the woman that insisted on taking our picture on Mother’s day came in proclaiming it was ” God’s Will” that the only pictures that she took on Mother’s Day that didn’t come out were the 2 she took of us. I didn’t tell her she took pictures of 2 witches who very much did not want their pictures taken since we were crying then. Ali turned to me and said” You did that!” I asked her did she really want that photo? “Uh No”. Okay, then.

God’s will my ass.


I had an absolutely fabulous day at the Faire and I needed that very badly. I got to pursue my stealth career as a Highwayman. A lot of the vendors sometimes “forget” to bring their raffle items to the front table which is pretty stupid because it’s great advertising if you give something cool not your cheesieist item. So I went around the meadow area with a big smile and a bag to collect all the items. Nothing like standing there being friendly to make people fork over the goods. I had a blast! Some people were so excited to not have to take a walk to the front in the middle of setting up. And the ones who got caught got a real sheepish look on their face. And one rude man flat out refused and said he’d do it “later”. I hope Joanne got him for that. He had really negative energy.

By then my back was done in so I went and hung out with Denise and Mary. They are wonderful Reiki Masters and if you ever come to our Faire check them out. I also took over 130 photos of the day and got some really good pictures. The energy of the Faire was nice and light this time. People seemed a lot more relaxed than it is sometimes. The only bad part is that is was the same time as Pride which probably cut our numbers a bit.

The weather was great, not too hot or too cold. I had a couple of funny encounters. One gentleman was running around Faire in a shirt that said in Gaelic “speak Gaelic”. So I asked him how he was in Gaelic. I have a pretty good clear Isle of Skye accent. I got a blank stare from him. Then a kid was running around in a “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition” shirt. So I said, ” Oh No, the not the comfy chair”. Nother blank look. Oh well must have thought it was a cool shirt but not be a Python. 0 for 2 on the day to smiling comments to strangers on their apparel. It’s like saying “blessed be” to someone who is wearing a pentagram as a fashion statement.

I had a great time. I put one of my BunniHoTep shirts on the raffle table and it disappeared pretty quickly and someone bought my display one I was hoping to wear. So that was good. At the Yule Faire I’ll bring some more.

I did get sunburned late in the day on my shoulders and thankfully no where else. It didn’t appear ’til after I got home so I didn’t get burned ’til late in the day.

Hopefully, my back won’t be such a hinderance at Yule Faire. I felt like a jumping bean, can’t sit for long and can’t stand for long so I was up and down all the time.

It started with a healing circle as part of our traditional opening circle which since they included my mom made me very glad I was wearing dark glasses. The only bad part is that then everyone knows and has to hug me which can put me in sensory overload very quickly.

Oh and I hardly ever win the raffle and I won twice but my name was called more than twice. Ali said I should have bought a lotto ticket on the way home. I got a really cool clock and an herb garden.

Anyway, Huzzah!