Archive | June 7, 2006

I just made the next step down an every shortening road. I okayed my mom going into hospice care since she has lost more weight. So it was either force feed her or make her comfortable. I chose to make her comfortable. The nurses say she has lost her will to live. Damn! sometimes it’s hard!


Bansagart and I are going to be teaching again. Or at least that’s the plan. My problem is I’m wondering if I can teach anymore and what to teach. I taught Wicca 101 for about 10 years and really don’t have a desire at the moment to go back to that exact thing. Writing the book on pagan etiquette sort of beat that horse to death.

I’ve suddenly feeling a bit shy about sharing at least some family stuff. Mostly because talking about some of it makes me feel like a nut job to verbalize stuff about the Fae, ghosts and blood and ancestral memory. Some of the old charms sound a bit strange and some of the practices look like they don’t have practical use like paper weaving and embroidery and hair braiding and yet… they work. Do people in this time and place need or want to know how to talk to and listen to trees and animals? How and when to do or not do weather work and the ethics of weather work? How important is knowing where you family came from to build a spirituality on?

And I really don’t want to be looked at as the looney cunning woman in the corner. Which up to now I never worried about before and where is the feeling coming from?

Voting Part 2

Okay, only 27% of the registered voters voted yesterday. I do not want to hear a single complaint from the 73% who didn’t. If you don’t participate you lose the “right” to complain.

My parents always took us with them to vote and stressed how important it was. That Margaret MacGregor came from Balmoral Scotland. Mary Jane Reeves Cumming came from Northern Ireland, Grandma came from Canada and Grandpa’s family came from Sweden to Duluth to L.A.. And that Dad’s grandpa was half or whole Native American and had become a doctor when Indians generally weren’t allowed in Med School in the mid 1800’s. That James Robb had come from Scotland in 1723 before marrying another Scottish immigrant Mary Livingston.

Why had they come? For a better life. For the ability to choose their life for themselves. As Scots to not be ruled by the English. And that even Grandpa Hainline had been able thru hard work to make a better life for his family. They came because they were Freemasons who believed in the concept of Liberty. They may have come so they could practice the family “ways”. They came with their books and their hopes and their dreams. They came for what they believed was a better life than what they had. And what made that better life possible? The right to vote. My grandmother graduated college in 1910 before she could vote. And I know she voted every election she was able to after she had that right. It isn’t the elite rich who run this country, it’s the people who bother to vote. And the people who vote tend to be older, white, straight people if you don’t agree with their view of the world then you have to vote.

I vote because I’m a lesbian.
I vote because I’m a woman.
I vote because I’m a witch.
I vote because I want my voice heard.
I vote because I still believe in the Bill of Rights was for all people.
I vote because I believe I can be an agent for change.
I believe that my ancestors who fought in so many American wars, some on both sides and including the Revolutionary War would think I would try to keep their dreams alive to be free and vocal and thinking about what is truly right and wrong.

Getting carefully down off the soapbox so as not to break anything while listening to the usual snap, crackle and pop of crotchity joints.