Archive | June 5, 2006

I took Friday off since I didn’t want a lot of “Hail fellow, well met” business about having a birthday at work. So I went to see the the “Da Vinci Code”. Guess what? They had technical problems again at the AMC in the Burbank Media Center Mall. This time only for 15 minutes but I was getting paranoid for a bit. I’m afraid I was a little bored. Even with the action scenes. Usually I love it when they follow the book but this had no surprizes at all. Maybe because I thought “Holy Blood, Holy Grail was more exciting than Dan Brown’s version. I tried to talk Ali into going out for my birthday dinner but it was just too hot so we went to Fuddruckers for lunch Saturday instead. Ali went for a bike ride and I gardened until it got too hot. I don’t normally sweat but I was running sweat down the forehead. Ewww!

Ali made my favourite birthday cake from when we were kids. She had to go online to find the icing recipe because we never got mom to write it down. Yellow cake with butterscotch icing, Yum! Bet you thought it was chocolate? Wrong!

Took my self to the movies again yesterday to see “Over the Hedge” bored again. Maybe I should have seen X-Men instead. “Cars” had better not bore me too.