Archive | April 26, 2006

I rarely look at the top of the bookcases in my bedroom. They’re 8 ft tall and I have my old stuffed animals up there. How often do you look up when you already know what’s there? Anyway tonight I did. And the bear on the end made me smile.

That bear had a very hard time getting to me. In 1977 I was working at a Girl Scout camp for the first time up at Big Bear Lake. About half way through that strange summer,( by strange I mean it was the year Elvis and Lady Baden Powell died and other weird shit) a UPS truck pulled into camp. That didn’t happen very often. Anyway, I never got CARE packages so I knew it wasn’t for me. So I went out to the Arts & Crafts hut and didn’t think about it. When I got back from teaching a class I went to get my mail. Surprise for me! I had a package. A very, beaten up box. It looked like it had been sat on by gorillas after being in a football game. Inside was a bear. Cam had sent me a bear for no good reason other than he thought he should. But it had gotten lost and it took them 3 tries to find the camp.

I got the bear down tonight and gave it a hug.