Archive | April 25, 2006

I guess I should say would I did do. I got out and pumped my gas ignoring her honking. Why the guy decided he wanted to yell at me I have no idea. I did tell him to mind his own business but he didn’t go away, he just kept yelling at me. So I told them she didn’t have my respect just by virtue of being old. She lost it when she honked at me. At which point he cursed me and I got in the car and left shaking my head. How hard was it to go in the correct direction and pull up behind me?

She’s probably one of those people that don’t read signs and talk on their cell phones at the pump exposing everyone to the hazard of blowing up. Don’t those people watch Mythbusters. Oops, digression.

I guess I’m too much of a J in my INTJ. I think people should follow the rules. It was the principle of the thing. Why should I move just because she was older and didn’t follow the rules.