Archive | April 24, 2006

People may wonder why I’m nuts about Descanso but is a place of many fond memories and one really bad one. I took classes there when I was 6-8 in summer. I hunted tadpoles there. I didn’t know Mom didn’t like them until a few years ago. She knew I loved catching them and watching them grow and letting them loose in the garden so she went along with it. Even bought the tiny aquarium bowl for me at WoolWorth’s.

Watched the turtles in the lake. Fed the ducks and the koi when you still could do that. Walking under the huge old oaks, redwoods and the camelias that are often 25 ft high or larger is like being tiny in a giant forest. One can see deer, hawks, lizards, owls and squirrels. And I know a mountain lion used to go through there twice a year.

Mom took us several times a year. And when I moved out on my own and needed solace it is where I went. I took 2 of the 3 pictures that won my Kodak student photo awards there in college. I walked with my grandma and grandpa. When they used to have a night garden show with lighted fountains Mom and Dad took us and it was fairy land to me. My one bad memory? Being slave labour when they needed to divide their enormous bearded iris bed in the middle of summer. I still don’t really like Bearded Iris and of course they are Ali’s favourite.

So Descanso Gardens is a very special magickal place for me.