Archive | April 21, 2006

What a week, first the presentation and today was the monthly Finance Meeting for our part of the company. And both went beautifully. The Finance meeting used to be really bad. The Finance person used to come to the meeting and scream at our department. My predecessor had no finance training and was scared of the main Finance person at our parent company and so wouldn’t prepare til the last moment and things got missed. She trained me and I took it over and I now spend some time each day working on the reports so now we don’t get yelled at. Or at least the yelling is not at me if there is yelling. These meetings get really loud sometimes but not scary any more. They even used to scare our director. So any way I went over to the Bean and got myself an iced chocolate for surviving the week intact.

I’m thinking of going to Descanso tomorrow. It’s their twice yearly plant sale and I want to see all the bulbs and look at the wildlife and just have a nice walk in the wild.

I have always loved the out of doors but for awhile I really didn’t feed that part of my soul. Since Cam died it became something I had to do. No longer is it a luxury. It is a necessity. I need to touch earth and plants and trees. I need to see and hear the birds. I need to laugh at the baby squirrels playing. I need to feel the breeze on my face and smell the good smells of clean earth and water. I need to feel rooted in the earth. I always have. It’s why a large part of my spiritual practice involves my garden. I can tell when my plants are thirsty or need weeding. They tell me if I listen and pay attention.

I get so much information from just “being” outside. When you garden you have to “be here now”. You can anticipate the future but you have to “be” in the present. You have to still yourself and narrow your focus and widen your world at the same time. I know I make our garden a place for people to come in our neighborhood and just see something pretty. They don’t see the green man in the plants. They don’t notice the stone circle. They don’t notice all the things we’ve done to make it a blessed space. But all weekend long and on longer summer evenings people stop and are just quiet outside the fence in peace. I have have created a place of peace in someone’s life even for a moment I have done a good thing for myself and the people who walk by. Even if it’s just the grandparents who bring their granchildren by to count the gnomes and the rabbits.