Archive | April 20, 2006

Livestrong Walk in So Cal

I’m contemplating doing the Livestrong walk in OC in honour of Cam in June. But Ali doesn’t act like she wants to go or if she does she’ll ride her bike not walk 5K. It’s $50 minimum donation when you sign up so that isn’t bad. Last time I did a walk it was the Gay Pride Run a few years ago when Ali came out to me. At least she can’t do that to me again, ie tell me as met her friends to start walking out of the blue. No longer was the family 2 queers and a question mark but 3 queers. Mom hits the jackpot. She wants to help me by a trike so maybe she wants me to ride too, No way I can ride 100 miles right off.

Anyway, I used to do walks for charity all the time before I blew out my knee. I even did the AIDS walk in a wheelchair the year I had the surgery.

I need to do this again.

I need some sleep. Straight through. No interruptions. Our two female squirrels have had twin baby girl squirrels. These cute, adorable babies DO NOT KNOW NIGHT IS TIME FOR SLEEP! At 3 this am I got woken up by them on my balcony chittering like mad. I got up out of bed to see what was wrong. I have a statue of a squirrel on my balcony that has a solar powered acorn. The acorn was flickering about to go out and the 2 nuts were chittering at it like mad. One in front of it and one leaning off the balcony rail. Silly babies. They have kept me up the last two nights. Their mommies need to get them and make them go night night.

Still jazzed from yesterday. I never thought I would be asked to present anything at the National Meeting for the Account Services people. I couldn’t even verbalize it to myself til after it was over. Especially since the big boss has been in France since she assigned it and never got to vet it before hand.

I got a bit terrified when the first 3 PowerPoint presentations were straight slides. No animation, no sound and just text.

I guess I didn’t know any better because I used both. Partly because the topic was so dry, financial coding. And partly because I’m a big geek with a new toy to play with.

I got so scared at lunch I went and asked one of the Directors that was setting it up whether the projector had sound or was it silent with just slides but they did.

It was quite nice to get ooos and ahhs for the parts I wanted them to pay attention too and not forget.

Plus I added a cool photo from JPL for my burning questions page of a supernova in Cassiopeia. Oh yeah, they really let the geek loose. I had to explain to someone what JPL was.

Cool Photo >>>>>