Is the moon full over someone’s butt today? A co-worker just asked me if I believed in Nostradamus. And quoted the verse that has been proved a hoax to me. She is now sitting at her desk sulking because I said “No”. She asked me if I had studied him in college. Well, since every professor I had said he was crap, no, not in depth. But I do have almost 16 units in history and I read it all the time. Don’t ask my opinion on something I can prove false and tell you why if you don’t want an answer. AND don’t argue with me that I’m wrong when I can show you all the ways.

And she mentioned that she didn’t believe in astrology because that was of the devil and hooie. Well, a good chart cast correctly would be a hell of a lot more accurate than Nostradamus and his choose one from column B quatrains.

She’s freaking out about Iran having a bomb and that Nostradamus said it would happen and using the made up quatrain that was in some guy’s essay ironically proving you can make it say anything. Grrrr!