Archive | April 18, 2006


Is the moon full over someone’s butt today? A co-worker just asked me if I believed in Nostradamus. And quoted the verse that has been proved a hoax to me. She is now sitting at her desk sulking because I said “No”. She asked me if I had studied him in college. Well, since every professor I had said he was crap, no, not in depth. But I do have almost 16 units in history and I read it all the time. Don’t ask my opinion on something I can prove false and tell you why if you don’t want an answer. AND don’t argue with me that I’m wrong when I can show you all the ways.

And she mentioned that she didn’t believe in astrology because that was of the devil and hooie. Well, a good chart cast correctly would be a hell of a lot more accurate than Nostradamus and his choose one from column B quatrains.

She’s freaking out about Iran having a bomb and that Nostradamus said it would happen and using the made up quatrain that was in some guy’s essay ironically proving you can make it say anything. Grrrr!


I’m thinking the next expedition that isn’t Renfaire is either The Museum of Natural History’s Bog People exhibit or Descanso Garden or the Huntington (the gardens not the museum, one CAN see Pinkie and Blue Boy too many times).

I’d love to go up Millard Canyon but I don’t think my knee and back will do boulder hopping at the moment and it’s too soon after rain.

But I’m in an adventuring mood. Spring does that to me.

1906 Earthquake

Thinking about my intrepid grandmother today who went to Alaska with her best friend in 1906. She came back with postcards from the Earthquake among others. Would I have been that courageous at 16 in 1906? Women didn’t have the vote yet. They still wore corsets and long skirts. She was 4 years away from her college degree at what became UCLA. San Francisco would still have been a pretty rough place in ’06. What did her mother think?