Archive | April 17, 2006

Virus Warning!!!


There is a new virus circulating. It is called “WORK.” If you
receive WORK from your colleagues, your boss, or from anyone else, do
not touch it under any circumstances. This virus wipes out your private
life completely. If you should happen to come in contact with this
virus, take two friends and go straight to the nearest bar. Order drinks
immediately and after three rounds, you will find that WORK has
been completely deleted from your brain. If you don’t drink, check out
the Dairy Queen Hot Fudge Brownie Supreme! Chocolate is a good

Forward this virus warning immediately to at least five friends.
Should you realize you do not have five friends, this means you are
already infected by this virus and WORK already controls your life. If
this is the case, go to the nearest bar and stay until you make at least
five friends. I think I have five friends, but I am not entirely
positive, so I’m headed for the bar anyway…it never hurts to be safe.

This weekend’s adventure

I had an absolutely wonderful weekend. Saturday we walked around Balboa Lake. My back didn’t particularly like it but you can’t exactly stop 3/4 of the way around. We saw 4 baby ducks that had been abandoned by their mothers. I don’t know if something happened to her or if it was a first laying and they didn’t imprint. They were getting a bit frantic and peeping their way around the the lake. They were too small to get out of the lake so I’m afraid they will have died of exhaustion if they didn’t get to one if the 2 ramps that were very far away from where they were. Mother Nature can be tough especially since on the other side of the lake from them there was a very protective mother duck with her 6 little ones.

But the flowering peach trees were lovely and the friendly egret was hanging out by the docks as usual. Ali finally tried out her new 8 pixel Canon camera. I have serious pixel envy. I only have 4.1. Sigh. Wonder is the tax refund will cover more PIXELS!

Sunday I went adventuring to the SRF Lake Shrine. We had to wait till their Easter service parking had cleared out. Why they have a big Easter service is beyond me but they do. It was lovely as always. Lots of turtles and koi in the lake and another mother duck with 8 ducklings this time. They always have such beautiful plantings and it’s the only place that has Ghandi’s ashes. Denise and Mary and I had a lovely time walking twice around the lake. And got lots of lovely pictures. There are wonderful place to sit and rest and meditate all around the lake. They also have shrines to all the major religions and different statues to them scattered around the grounds.

Denise and Mary and I need to plan another expedition soon. It was too much fun. Mary is my twin separated before birth according to Denise.

Got home and Ali had fixed a full turkey dinner for me. Yum! Another set of fantastic smells.

I had very nice weekend and it’s the first weekend I went willingly out of the house on both days since July

Does anyone know how to outsmart the picture posting problem I’m having? It won’t let put a lj cut in when I post from work. None of the icons appear for modifing the entry when accessed here at work so I can’t put pictures behind a cut. And it doesn’n always work from home either. It starts popping around very annoyingly.

Most beautiful places

I thought I’d list the places I think are the most beautiful outdoor spots in Southern California, in no particular order as per usual:

1. Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine – Pacific Palisades
2. Millard Canyon Falls – Above Altadena
3. Bouquet Canyon and Placerita Canyon
4. Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Refuge
5. Camp Osito Rancho – above Big Bear Lake
6. Camp Singing Pines – Angeles National Forest
7. Tahquitz Peak – Idylwild
8. Descanso Gardens
9. Huntington Gardens
10. Santa Monica Mountains National Park
11. Canyon above JPL above Hahamonga in Altadena
12. Brand Park – Glendale
13. Arroyo Seco in Pasadena
14. Sperling’s Nursery
15. Arcadia Wilderness Park
16. Monrovia Wilderness Park
17. Chilao Upper Campground
18. Buckthorn