Archive | February 20, 2006

First Daffy of the season
First Daffy of the season

I had a great time at the Queen Mary games after being lured out of hibernation by Mary and Denise. Even if I did seem to keep getting separated from the flock. Found a fun book on Scottish piracy and a Viking treasure chest with hidden compartments. Looked at pointy objects and pretty things I couldn’t afford. I’m still thinking about the deep red velvet dress and ruana. It would make a great ritual dress. Bought some shiny objects for my ears. Salivated over Phoenix and Crow’s and Hamilton House pretties.

I think Ali is ordering another Utilikilt. They now come in a sapphire blue corduroy and I could see the wheels turning.

I was in front of the QM waiting for Ali when I got deafened by the artillary barrage of Bydand forever. Did they really need to fire the cannon and Gatling gun at close quarters? The rifles were okay but my ears still hurt from the stupid cannon. I was only about 30 ft away and they did it in the small road about 30 ft from the side of the QM and the sound had no where to go. It was like being in a large 50 gallon drum. Usually they do it in a large field and the sound has a chance to dissapate.

Sunday we stayed home and cozy. About 5 Sunday morning it hailed for a while and the rest of the time it just poured. Ali made popovers for breakfast. I read and Ali watched the Olympics. (I’m working my way through Susanna Gregory’s medieval murder mysteries.) I got play by play down the stairs. What’s better than a nice thick throw, flannel pj’s, thick socks, hot chocolate and a good book?

It was 37 degrees this AM and Ali had to scrape ice from her windshield. We don’t have to do that very often.