Archive | February 17, 2006


Why are movies coming out named for colours all of a sudden? Pink Panther, Ultraviolet and Aquamarine?

Why on the show “Numb3rs” do the 2 brothers who are allegedly Native Californians and Los Angeleans pronounce things differently? Don says San Paydro ( or the correct Spanish pronunciation) and Charlie says San PEEdro like a true Native.
There have been others but that’s the one that comes to mind at the moment. Shouldn’t they talk the same if they were raised together?

How much fun is it to listen to the latest transplant to LA try and say Cahuenga, Tujunga, La Jolla, and enchilada? And then when they get it right correct them on Sepulveda and San Pedro. The 2 words we always anglasize?

How do you spot an tourist? Loud Hawaiian shirt, shorts and black socks and dress shoes and then they go to the beach when any normal Californian has a sweater on. I just saw some this morning. The Snowbirds are going to get a surprise. It’s supposed to snow at 2500 ft here and the San Fernando, San Gabriel and Santa Clarita valleys will all get it. Which means it’s going to be butt cold at our house. But being normal California natives we won’t turn the heat on at night only people from back East turn the heat on to sleep. My ex from Wisconsin used to turn the heat on to 80 and I’d run around turning it off and telling her to put a sweater on and use the comforters. For crying out loud it was only 50 outside. But I will say if I go the the Queen Mary games tomorrow and it’s cold I’m wearing jeans not my kilt. Good thing I have a long sleeved Clan shirt.

It’s Friday and almost everyone took PTO and I want to go home and I want to get another tattoo. Wahhhh! Pity party over.