I’m trying to decide whether to go to the Queen Mary Highland games this Saturday. I’m really not in the mood. Cam’s 50th Birthday would have been the 26th and I’m kind of in the hole crawling mood. Mom has gotten to the touch me and I bleed phase our family always gets to because of our fragile skin. And they had to up her Haldol because she has started screaming again morning to night. She keeps yelling “Come on, Come on, Come on” over and over again. But can’t explain why or where she wants to go.

Anyway, Ali wants to go. I think to show off her pretty new tattoo. Which got me thinking about what I want for my next one and where to put it. It may be a swan or a rabbit. The Rabbit for BunniHoTep and the swan because ever since I got savaged by the swan when I was little it’s been a symbol to face my fears, whatever they may be.

And it’s supposed to rain and the Queen gets really crowded with all those big Scots people in wet wool. But it is the first Gathering of the season.