energy work

I found my grandmother’s paper weaving needles again the other day. This is how she taught me how to weave energy when we were working with the paper. She used to have me focus on what the weaving would look like when we were done. She also had a song we sang while we did the weaving. I used to sit on her lap in her big chair and we would work together to make the weaving.

I think she started this when I was 4 or 5 and now I know that she was laying the ground work for future lessons and probably testing me to see how well I did it. I wonder what she was looking for and why she decided to take the next steps in my training. What did she see in a 5 year old? Or was she just trying to make me sit still for awhile? My Aunt Barbie, whom I adore, told me at Christmas she liked watching me when I was small because she could watch me observe everything before I decided whatever I was going to do next when the rest of the cousins just would jump in and do. She said she used to tell the adults to leave me be when they wanted to chivvy me into doing what ever the others were doing. I’m glad she did that but I had no idea she or anyone else was watching. I know I used to cause quite a fuss when the Christmas gifts were given out because I wanted to explore each gift before ripping open the next one. I also had to put the box of 105 crayons in rainbow order before I could go on which drove a lot of the adults apeshit. But you know they weren’t right and I had to make them right.