Archive | February 14, 2006

I always have mixed emotions on this day. My mom used to make a big deal of Valentine’s Day. It was a family day. She always made a special breakfast when we were little of heart shaped pancakes. She stopped when she went back to work when I was in High School. But Mom gave us conversation hearts and a card Valentine from her and Dad. It was never about romance and it was one of the few times my oh, so unexpressive parents acknowledged they might love us.

One year in a moment of creativity I cut out tons of small red hearts and Wilhold glued them on all the plates and glasses and anything else that caught my eye. I think I was 10 and then I attempted to make breakfast. Mom came down and didn’t know whether to kill me or cry.

On the bad side, romantically it never lives up to the hype so I choose to recognize my friends this day. I got dumped for Valentine’s Day in ’96 with an ultimatum. Move to Seattle or we’re just friends. Mind you I had plane tickets to celebrate with her that day. She had to move there for work after being unemployed for a long time. The just friends thing held for 2 weeks because when I called 2 weeks later I had almost been killed in a car accident she told me she didn’t care and hung up. So I’m not fond of romance on this day anyway.

Use this day to tell people how much they mean to you and if they are near give them a hug.