LOTR memeage

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Place: Barad DurRivendellMinas TirithHelm’s DeepFanghorn ForestMines of MoriaThe ShireIsengardEdorasMirkwood
Preferred Weapon: Magic and Large StickSpearAxeSwordCrossbowMaceBow and ArrowSting
Favorite Race: DwarfElfOrcHumanTrollUruk-hai
Favorite Character: ArwenLegolasMerryPippinSauronTreebeardFrodoSamAragornGimliEowynGandalfSarumanFaramirBoromirElrondGaladrielTheoden
Is the Ring Bearer: kingofthewho
Loves a human: nanocub
Heir of Gondors Throne: cruisebear
Ring Bearers friend: cruisebear
Their brother died in the first film: fuzzygruf
The enemy thinks you have the Ring: kingofthewho
Unreturned love for the Heir of Gondors throne: nanocub
Wise and Powerful Wizard: cim_halfling
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