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On this date in 1971 I got bucked out of bed after the cat woke me up screaming and had to grab my sister and put her in door way.She never woke up. On this date Cam made the mistake of thinking he could sleep naked for the first time. He went running outside and entertained the neighbors mightily since he forgot that the night before he decided to sleep naked.

Our chimney fell off for the first time, it did again in the Northridge quake.

Mom thought she was in the Long Beach quake and Dad had to hold her in bed. He thought the wall was coming in. It was really a 3 1/2 ft by 6 ft mirror coming straight off the was after breaking its 1000# strength wire turning sideways and landing on the throw rug and sliding under the bed just missing Mom. Dad walking into the bathroom barefoot in the days where things were still in glass bottles. Bit of a mistake, got to hear Dad cuss which he usually didn’t.

In any case, it’s the anniversary of the Sylmar Earthquake.

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The Lioness

The lioness slowly stalked the long red snakes over the lush dark green expanse. They were lying very still, only slightly twitching occasionally but restlessly. The lioness crept more slowly now, waited a moment and POUNCED! And scared the crap out of me again. She has got to stop hunting the wild red braids at night or I’m going to die of heart failure.

Cat fantasies are very silly.