Archive | December 23, 2005


I miss getting a stocking at Christmas from my Grandma. Now I know the symbolism of the stuff she always put in there that as a child I kind of thought of a waste of space that could have been filled with presents.

We always got an orange now I know she was giving us the sun. We got nuts for abundance in the new year. We got ribbon candy and the ones that look like millefiori for sweetness. And them we got at least one special small gift from her. That was usually the one thing I really wanted that I didn’t know I wanted. She always knew. Mom never got it. A couple of years she gave us office supplies or dorky things so I couldn’t wait to see what Grandma had put in the stocking. The difference between the magical and the most definitely not magical was most apparent.

Now I look back on all the training and special stories we taught me every summer and realize she was teaching all the time. I just didn’t know it.