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The guy that is invincible and is hated for it… mt_yvr
The hero that is overly-happy-in-a-bad-situation.. frank
The OBVIOUSLY arch-villan in diguise will be… heartsongwoman
The hero who just shows up in tights the 1st day.. castrowoof
Hero who can shoot lasers out of obscure places… bigreddee
Smart hero who annoyingly gets captured a lot… frank
Hero who always cracks shitty puns at a bad time.. mrdreamjeans
That not-so-super hero with no real powers… blogquiz
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Just read and saw the “Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” and it’s been probably 35 or 40 years since I had read it. I was very surprised at all the anti-strong woman imagery. Guess I conveniently forgot. First the Winter Witch is a daughter of Lilith and that Lilith was evil. The reason Lilith is considered evil in Jewish tradition is that she was uppity since she was created as Adam’s equal and would not submit to Adam so she left and God made Eve who was also supposed to submit and we know how well that worked out, with the Tree of Knowledge and all.

Then the Winter Witch emasculates Aslan by taking His mane and wearing it. Message a woman can’t get power except to steal it from a man. Not to mention the whole strong women are cold and unforgiving, what a whopper that one is.

We have the girls who aren’t allowed to go into battle and the boys who have to kill things to get their power.

No wonder the Fundies are loving this movie since it says women who are strong are evil so clearly. And that boys (Edmund) who question authority are wicked and get into trouble. No wonder Tolkien hated it since his books were about being s strong individual and finishing your task no matter what gets in your way. Tolkien was about personal responsiblity and C.S. Lewis is quite obviously not since Edmund escapes his punishment since Aslan takes his responsibility from him.

And none of that even takes into account the Christian imagery Lewis swore was unintentional. I did think Mr. Tumnus was rather cute and sweet but then he was always my favourite. I did kind of wish someone like James Earl Jones could have been Aslan but I suppose everyone would have been thinking “Luuuke, I am your father…” the whole time.

I think I’m going to go see Chicken Little again just to see a movie that is about the weak triumphing because they keeps on doing what they think is right.