I’ve had a headache since Saturday night. Yesterday I finally took the day off and went to the doctor. I haven’t had this kind of headache in about a year and a half but when they come they can literally drop me to my knees. It took some doing to talk my doctor into giving me the med I know works. He actually wanted to give me something stronger with more side effects. The neurologist used to have me on it and when I got laid off and eventually ran out of COBRA I stopped taking it.

It is pretty strange to take pills for something that no one knows why it works just that it does. I get these headaches because I crushed a nerve at the base of my skull and had a really bad concussion after I rolled my car on leap year day in 1996. Some stupid woman was in a hurry and ran the red light. I flipped over 3 times and ended up upside down on the curb, I also rolled over another poor woman’s car.

All I know is a very tiny, non-therapeutic level dose of nortriptiline works on that stupid screaming nerve. Now if the muscles that are all tied up from it will just calm down I’ll be fine. But it was wonderful to wake up this morning and not have the little man with the electric cattle prod poking at the base of the skull.