Archive | December 2, 2005

It’s cold and it’s rainy and I’m wearing the wrong colours to work. I wore a maroon sweatshirt and I better go buy a blue one at lunch. I was not thinking when I got up this morning, Bad Kat, Bad Kat!

U.C.L.A.,U.C.L.A., U.C.L.A.
Fight, Fight Fight!!!!

My dad would be horrified if he knew.

Because I’m feeling lazy

Here is a song I wrote in 2000. It’s called Epona’s Credo because is has the beat of a running horse underlying it. And Credo because, well duh….

Epona’s Credo

I believe in rolling seas
I believe in growing trees
I believe in things that bloom
I believe in the changing Moon.

Refrain : And all these things that I see
Come out of the air that I breathe
They come from the fire and earth
These things that I hold of worth.

I believe in faerie’s dreams
I believe in elven schemes
I believe that stones can dance
I believe there is more than chance.


I believe in my sisters’ songs
I believe they can make me strong
I believe the wheel has turned
This time we will not be burned.


I believe in the eagle’s flight
I’ve flown with the owl at night
I listen to the raven’s call
There is wisdom there for all


I believe my hands can heal
That the Goddess in the mirror is real
I believe I have to sing
That is how my soul takes wing.

Mary Beth Robb 2000