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major mental meanderings

1. I’m getting tired of people on the news who haven’t read all the data proclaiming that the hurricanes are from global warming. Most meteorologist will point out that storms go in cycles thru the last 20 years have been light cycle but for the last 5 yrs we have entered a heavy cycle. Latest satellite data shows that not all oceans are warming. If this was global warming all oceans and seas would be warmer. Some scientists have postulated we are actually coming off an ice age. The Ice Ages after all were only 5-10 degrees colder than the average and look what they did. Yes, the thinning of the atmosphere is bad but not everything is attributable to global warming. And if the Lady Mother Earth doesn’t want us here she is perfectly capable of tossing us off and starting over. It’s humans that are endangered not the Earth, Without us she would heal herself quite quickly.

2. How stupid do you have to be to NOT evacuate after seeing what Katrina did? Intelligent design my ass, this is Darwinism at its finest.

3. It’s Equinox and ritual tomorrow night. This Sabbat is about finding the balance. In a world very out of balance at the moment it is a good time to stop and settle. I’m glad I’m not Priestess for this one, I’m supposed to do Samhain/ Hallows but that may be more than I can do this year.

I just wish that Equinox didn’t mean I wasn’t driving directly into the sun both ways to work on an east/west street.

4. It’s ugly time of the month for me. The ick finance report is due and out an hour ago with just the monthly meeting to survive tomorrow.

me go night night NOW!

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Lightning and Thunder and I do not get along. I got struck in July of ’77 at a Girl Scout Camp in Big Bear while leaning on a flag pole and yelling at a fool counselor who had her kids out playing in it. The flag pole which was wrought iron got struck and me by association did too. Got thrown about 10 feet and got a mean buzz and a lot of small hair burned off.

People couldn’t stand to be near me for several days due to my unique body odor. I also had trouble getting my words and sentences in order for a couple of week. Severe spoonerism was funny to a lot of people but just frustrated me.

Anyway, other than a really wonderful night in Monument Valley, I don’t sleep well during thunderboomer storms.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. celtic mythology:
    Because I was raised with stories of my heritage and they are fascinating tales.
  2. dr demento:
    He’s terribly funny and as a child listening in the dark on Sunday night to a small radio made me feel like I was doing somthing “bad”.
  3. farscape:
    How can anyone not like John Crichton? I love all the pop culture references.
  4. gary stadler:
    Faery music to vege by.
  5. horticulture:
    I love growing things in my garden. I have from my first garden as a child with my dad. I loved my walks with my grandmother introducing me to plants and trees like they were people she knew. I love being around them. And they communicate a little slowly but just as well as people.
  6. mercedes lackey:
    She’s a great story teller and I love her Elemental series and her land of Valdemar.
  7. playing:
    Don’t we all love to play?
  8. runrig:
    A great rock band from Scotland that sings in Gaelic. Check out their record Long Distance.
  9. star trek:
    Okay I’m a geek and this was my first experience at fandom. All hail Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager and yuck to the Enterprise.
  10. wicca:
    It’s been my formal religion and spiritual practice since 1984. But trained in the family’s ways by grandmother.

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It be talk like a Pirate day, matey!

This weekend the cutter undocks and heads Nort on the waterways to the Pirate Faire in Ojai. The Cap’n who in this portrait appears to have no neck will command the good vessel the Dragonfly on a voyage with a good wench err.. witch err.. hmmm.. leave well enough alone? And of course the Bo’sun is going too.

Look well, to your swords me hearties! The Cap’n and her crew fairly bristle with arms and we know how to use them, heheheh.

Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s wife for me….

The Cap'n The Cap’n
kat as pirate
The Bo'sun The Bo’sun

I’m feelin this way on this National Day of Prayer

Heretic Heart To the tune of a “I sing the Almighty Power of God”
Catherine Madsen

I am a bold and a Pagan soul
A-ramblin’ through this land
I judge the world by my own lights
And I come by my own hand
And if you ask me where I learned
To live so recklessly
My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

My mother was a singer of tales
My father a dreaming man
And I have swung from the dragon’s tongue
And danced on Holy Land
I’ve sung the seed up out of the ground
And the bird down from the tree
My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

I once was found but now I’m gone
Away from the “Faithful Fold”
Of those who preach that holiness
Is to do as you are told
Though law and scripture, priest and prayer
Have all instructed me
My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

Now they tell me Jesus loves me
But I think that he loves in vain
He must go unrequited
On me he has no claim
For the man who would command me must
(Alt: My Goddess is our Lady Moon)
Wear the horn and let me be
(Alt: Whose tides run deep in me)
My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

And while I breathe this glorious air
An outlaw I’ll remain
My body will not be subdued
And I will not be “saved”
And if I cannot shout it loud
I’ll sing it secretly
My skin, my bones, my Heretic heart
Are my authority

Car crunch!

I think Mars was in the fuckup yesterday. I rear-ended someone on the way home from work. A whole 2 blocks from home. A car was cut off by a truck and of course the truck never stopped. And I hit the lady in front because the Jeep needs more than 6 ft to stop even at a slow speed. She had a brand new car because she had just been in an accident. Ouch!

My bumper is the only thing affected and I hope her damage is small too but it was a little car so even that will be expensive.