major mental meanderings

1. I’m getting tired of people on the news who haven’t read all the data proclaiming that the hurricanes are from global warming. Most meteorologist will point out that storms go in cycles thru the last 20 years have been light cycle but for the last 5 yrs we have entered a heavy cycle. Latest satellite data shows that not all oceans are warming. If this was global warming all oceans and seas would be warmer. Some scientists have postulated we are actually coming off an ice age. The Ice Ages after all were only 5-10 degrees colder than the average and look what they did. Yes, the thinning of the atmosphere is bad but not everything is attributable to global warming. And if the Lady Mother Earth doesn’t want us here she is perfectly capable of tossing us off and starting over. It’s humans that are endangered not the Earth, Without us she would heal herself quite quickly.

2. How stupid do you have to be to NOT evacuate after seeing what Katrina did? Intelligent design my ass, this is Darwinism at its finest.

3. It’s Equinox and ritual tomorrow night. This Sabbat is about finding the balance. In a world very out of balance at the moment it is a good time to stop and settle. I’m glad I’m not Priestess for this one, I’m supposed to do Samhain/ Hallows but that may be more than I can do this year.

I just wish that Equinox didn’t mean I wasn’t driving directly into the sun both ways to work on an east/west street.

4. It’s ugly time of the month for me. The ick finance report is due and out an hour ago with just the monthly meeting to survive tomorrow.