Archive | September 20, 2005

me go night night NOW!

I didn’t get much sleep last night. Lightning and Thunder and I do not get along. I got struck in July of ’77 at a Girl Scout Camp in Big Bear while leaning on a flag pole and yelling at a fool counselor who had her kids out playing in it. The flag pole which was wrought iron got struck and me by association did too. Got thrown about 10 feet and got a mean buzz and a lot of small hair burned off.

People couldn’t stand to be near me for several days due to my unique body odor. I also had trouble getting my words and sentences in order for a couple of week. Severe spoonerism was funny to a lot of people but just frustrated me.

Anyway, other than a really wonderful night in Monument Valley, I don’t sleep well during thunderboomer storms.

LJ Interests meme results

  1. celtic mythology:
    Because I was raised with stories of my heritage and they are fascinating tales.
  2. dr demento:
    He’s terribly funny and as a child listening in the dark on Sunday night to a small radio made me feel like I was doing somthing “bad”.
  3. farscape:
    How can anyone not like John Crichton? I love all the pop culture references.
  4. gary stadler:
    Faery music to vege by.
  5. horticulture:
    I love growing things in my garden. I have from my first garden as a child with my dad. I loved my walks with my grandmother introducing me to plants and trees like they were people she knew. I love being around them. And they communicate a little slowly but just as well as people.
  6. mercedes lackey:
    She’s a great story teller and I love her Elemental series and her land of Valdemar.
  7. playing:
    Don’t we all love to play?
  8. runrig:
    A great rock band from Scotland that sings in Gaelic. Check out their record Long Distance.
  9. star trek:
    Okay I’m a geek and this was my first experience at fandom. All hail Next Gen, DS9 and Voyager and yuck to the Enterprise.
  10. wicca:
    It’s been my formal religion and spiritual practice since 1984. But trained in the family’s ways by grandmother.

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