Archive | September 13, 2005

Having an angry grief day today. Which doesn’t do me or any one else any good but it is what it is. I know intellectually that grief is necessary and normal. I know that is is selfish since it’s is all about what I want. It make me feel like I want to have a 2 yr old tantrum something we were never allowed to do. I want to scream and kick and throw myself on the floor and howl. About all I can do is wait til I get in the car to try that and hope no one reports the crazy person with Tourrette’s driving down Victory Blvd.

I just miss the fact that I can’t tell him about the Paper that got accepted or how fun it was to read my stories at the Fair or hear him laugh and bug me by saying “per se” since he knew I hated that phrase or show him our tattoos. I know he knows all those things but it’s just not the same.