Archive | September 10, 2005

Ali and I went and got tattoos today at Sunset Strip Tattoo. Don’t know what Cam would have thought about that but we did it anyway. Alison got 6 bear paw prints filled in rainbow colours around her arm. Mine is a bear filled in with Celtic knot braiding on the shoulder opposite the tat I already had. While we were waiting a bearish gentlemen came in and wandered through the flash art and then left but one wonders… Several young men came in at different times and seemed a bit perplexed at my getting a tat. Guess I don’t look like their idea of a tat wearer. It mightily amused our tattooer however. No photo yet since it’s still covered by a bandage.

I’m thinking about attending pagan pride tomorrow in Whittier Narrows since I haven’t done a lot of fun things lately.