Archive | September 6, 2005

Earthquake survival supply list

Earthquake Supply & Equipment Checklist:

Work gloves
Ax – weighing at least 6 lbs.
Shovel – both flat head and pointed
Hammer and nails
Crowbar or Claw Tool – 36″ or longer
Plastic sheeting rolls
Plastic garbage bags – heavy duty, 30 gallon or larger
Small and large plastic bags
Coils of rope and wire
Tent – family sized
Tarp – PVC or canvas, minimum of two, 8′ x 10′
Sleeping bags
Cheesecloth to strain particles from water
Cash – small bills and coins
Dry food
Walking shoes and socks
Local road maps
Fire extinguisher – a dry chemical type is recommended with a size rating of 2A- IOBC, with an earthquake restraining strap, a hose type nozzle and a metal head
Flashlight w/ batteries, or chemical light sticks matches in a waterproof container
Small radio, battery-powered
Entertainment – family pictures, notebooks and games

Pet supplies,