Pagan donations

Dear Friends:

Hurricane Katrina has created unprecedented devastation in
Mississippi and adjacent areas. Many of you may have family
members who
have been affected.

Many of members of Officers of Avalon and their families are
involved in the
rescue effort, as are members of the Pagan Alliance of Nurses
and the
Military Pagan Network. It will be a massive undertaking unlike
anything in
US history.

Our Chancellor General, Joie, proposed that we create a charity
branch of
our organization to raise funds for disaster relief efforts. So
many of the
charities now in existence, while doing good work, are Christian
organizations. So often we’ve heard people giving Pagans a
hard time,
claiming that we Pagans don’t do work for the community like
they do.

Now is your opportunity to prove them wrong. Go to the Officers
of Avalon
web site in the next few days and make your donations to Avalon
Cares, a
Pagan relief network.