On MSNBC they interviewed a nurse from one of the hospitals in New Orleans. They were out of some meds that they needed so she lead a “looting” expedition on a pharmacy. As far as I’m concerned that is not looting. She ‘s proactive heroine in my book. And if the pharmacies had been smart they would have taken their meds to the nearest hospital in case they were needed. I know there are healthcare insurance companies that stockpile meds in different parts of the country for just this kind of emergency but I haven’t heard of any of them actually distributing them yet. I know that because one company I worked for told us they did.

It isn’t looting if you’re getting food, pampers, water or any other basic life saving or sustaining item. If you are running of with a big screen tv that is a little different.

I wish someone had a good explanation of why Jeb Bush’s state had disaster relief going the next day last year and the rest of the south is left dying this year. I think race and class issues should get some serious examination in Washington for a change.