It’s frightening how thin the veneer of our so-called civilization is turning out to be. And that it could really happen in any U.S. city with a big enough disaster. And at least New Orleans is a place that can be evacutated. When the big earthquake hits Southern California, it may not be any different here. And we have many more people and with all the mountains surrounding us it would make it more difficult to get out. Unless you want to do a Sound of Music escape walking because the freeways and roads would be gone too which most people aren;t capable of that kind of walking and assuming you have access to footwear capable of that kind of walk.

Do you have a disaster kit, water and a change of clothes/shoes in your car. Do you have extra water and supplies at home?

When I worked at G.S.Camps, they require everyone have a change of clothes, shoes and a flashlight at the end of everyone’s bed. We checked every night. I still do it just from habit and it saved my butt in Northridge and Whittier. Even tho more than one ex thought I was a nut for doing it.