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Pagan donations

Dear Friends:

Hurricane Katrina has created unprecedented devastation in
Mississippi and adjacent areas. Many of you may have family
members who
have been affected.

Many of members of Officers of Avalon and their families are
involved in the
rescue effort, as are members of the Pagan Alliance of Nurses
and the
Military Pagan Network. It will be a massive undertaking unlike
anything in
US history.

Our Chancellor General, Joie, proposed that we create a charity
branch of
our organization to raise funds for disaster relief efforts. So
many of the
charities now in existence, while doing good work, are Christian
organizations. So often we’ve heard people giving Pagans a
hard time,
claiming that we Pagans don’t do work for the community like
they do.

Now is your opportunity to prove them wrong. Go to the Officers
of Avalon
web site in the next few days and make your donations to Avalon
Cares, a
Pagan relief network.

From a fellow Priestess, Tecia

Greetings Sisters,

I am forwarding a message at the request of Kim Duckett, Ph.D., Pr. (aka WomanWhoFollowsHerHeart) is founder and Priestess of WHISPER, a non-profit organization, and affiliate of the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess, now in its 12th year, that offers classes, events, performances, and rituals that explore and honor women’s spirituality, and particularly, feminist and goddess spiritualities. She is also the Director of WHISPER’s Sacred Mystery School for Women, one of just a few formal programs of its kind in the country, which includes monthly celebrations honoring the Seasons of the natural world (also known as the Wheel of the Year) and the corresponding “seasons of women’s lives.”

Kim is requesting our magical assistance and support. Please take a look at Kim’s article “I am Amazon” for additional inspiration.

In Sisterhood and Solidarity, Letecia

At 05:40 AM 9/2/2005, follow heartkd wrote:

Dear Wimmin,

Please read the following with care for yourselves. It is hard news…

I write with great sadness and fury. If you have not heard already, under the list of “crimes” being committed against those “trapped” in the Dome in New Orleans, is that women and girls are being raped…

Annette sent me a short e-mail this a.m. saying that during an interview with a woman who was in the Dome, she said, at the end “and women and girls are being raped.” The interviewer said: “really?” and that was the end of that news clip.

Wimmin, I am sorry to hurt you with this news AND I ask that we DO SOMETHING about it and with our feelings. Create an altar, literally or in your heart/head, and put protection around the wimmin and girls in that place. Imagine that each is protected, that for some reason they are not harmed, that they become invisible to those who would hurt them and visible to those who can protect and help and to us on the outside (i.e don’t make them “invisible”/not seen by us). Although I know you may join me in rage and fury, let us focus that energy on the protection of these beings NOW. We can work on/with what else may be done later….regarding those who are taking this moment to harm those in this particular way, who have just been through devastation and loss.

Please, ACT at your altars. We are strong Wimmin, and we are “safe” right now and can help those who are not/vulnerable.

Please share this with wimmin of a like mind.

If you are in disagreement with this, in any way, please, just ignore, i.e please do not send negative energy toward me/us as we do this work.

Blessed be,
Kim WWFHH Hawthorne Temple

On MSNBC they interviewed a nurse from one of the hospitals in New Orleans. They were out of some meds that they needed so she lead a “looting” expedition on a pharmacy. As far as I’m concerned that is not looting. She ‘s proactive heroine in my book. And if the pharmacies had been smart they would have taken their meds to the nearest hospital in case they were needed. I know there are healthcare insurance companies that stockpile meds in different parts of the country for just this kind of emergency but I haven’t heard of any of them actually distributing them yet. I know that because one company I worked for told us they did.

It isn’t looting if you’re getting food, pampers, water or any other basic life saving or sustaining item. If you are running of with a big screen tv that is a little different.

I wish someone had a good explanation of why Jeb Bush’s state had disaster relief going the next day last year and the rest of the south is left dying this year. I think race and class issues should get some serious examination in Washington for a change.

It’s frightening how thin the veneer of our so-called civilization is turning out to be. And that it could really happen in any U.S. city with a big enough disaster. And at least New Orleans is a place that can be evacutated. When the big earthquake hits Southern California, it may not be any different here. And we have many more people and with all the mountains surrounding us it would make it more difficult to get out. Unless you want to do a Sound of Music escape walking because the freeways and roads would be gone too which most people aren;t capable of that kind of walking and assuming you have access to footwear capable of that kind of walk.

Do you have a disaster kit, water and a change of clothes/shoes in your car. Do you have extra water and supplies at home?

When I worked at G.S.Camps, they require everyone have a change of clothes, shoes and a flashlight at the end of everyone’s bed. We checked every night. I still do it just from habit and it saved my butt in Northridge and Whittier. Even tho more than one ex thought I was a nut for doing it.