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I’ve been mesmerized all weekend by the hurricane and the weather channel. Oh boy! I’ll take an earthquake any day over a tornado or a hurricane. At least in an earthquake your house and all your stuff is still in the same zip code. Scary, scary stuff. My heart goes out to all those people who had no way to leave and are stuck in the Superdome.

This is the face of a terrorist. There were 2 but one got shy. I stopped a terrorist attack. I was watering and these 2 avian bombers had their butts over the edge about to let go on my head. But I yelled and foiled their evil plan. I got two red eyes cocked at me then and they started acting very nonchalant but I know what they were up to because they did it to me last week.

I knew this was coming and I tried to stop it but it didn’t work. GRRRR! When I’m
stressed to a certain point and finally get a chance to relax my body goes on the fritz. Not helped by the fact that it is very, very, very hot. Last night at midnight it was still 78 degrees. I woke up this morning and my lifelong “friend” herman had come again. herman is what I call my ulcer and he isn’t a very nice guest. The meds appear not to be working and every one in my body who can be cranky at the moment is. herman and I had a detente I thought but I guess all the stress lately has made him abdicate his agreement. I’m just glad I don’t live in New Orleans. I’ve been watching the ultimate in reality, unscripted TV, the weather channel, Yipes!.

Gratutitous Family Photo

I just love this picture. Our family built the third house ever built on Balboa Island before it was an island just an isthmus. This is one summer day down there and my mom is the little girl on the left. I love my uncle’s bathing costumes. So these are Sjobergs and the Cummings at the beach.

When I used to work at camp I had a selection of crazy hats I used to wear. Somewhere I have an official Smoky bear hat that is actually Smoky’s head not a patch. I have this terrible urge after reading all of Cam’s friends posts to see if I can find it and make a user pic of it. But then I chicken out. I’m not a bear, alas just and elf.

When I was about 5, Mom left me behind in a supermarket after telling me to sit quietly til she came back. She forgot I was there and went home. I guess I don’t need to tell that ever since being left behind is sometimes a really big fear. It was a major break in trusting people’s word at the very least it scared the crap out of me.

I’m sort of feeling the same way about Cam dying. He left me behind and isn’t coming back to get me for awhile. Now, I guess the question is what do I do in the meantime since I’m no longer 5 and don’t have to sit and wait quietly. How do I make the most of my time?