New Ipod strangeness and stream of consciousness musical thoughts

I Pod shuffle is just plain strange or maybe it’s what I loaded. It’s mostly Celtic, showtunes/soundtracks, pagan stuff and Disney. So what’s it playing? The weird shit and one song wonders.

We were raised on Broadway shows, operettas and old movies on 78’s. The first Broadway musical mom and dad ever took Cam and I to was “Brigadoon”. I remember being absolutely entranced. This was after we had passed several Hollywood Bowl tests and “Peter and the Wolf” by the LA Phil.

My life is so defined by music sometimes I can’t believe it. From lullabyes from mom and Grandma occasionally my dad. To being a choir kid. Can’t everyone sing along with the Messiah at 6? Or the Seven Last Words? Singing kids to sleep across a canyon at camp and waiting for the echo of those lullabyes. The songs we sing and write at Circle. To the hymns at Cam’s funeral. For years I thought “Coming Home” was a funeral song since the first time I ever heard it was about 7 at my Uncle Bill’s funeral.

I still can’t stand anything of Air Supply or Emerson, Lake and Palmer since that was all that was playing when I broke up with my first lover.

The Cris Williamson, Margie Adams, Holly Near and Meg Christian concerts every lesbian had to go to when we came out in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Music…