Archive | June 14, 2005

what sw charcter are you?

When do you fight people?
What color resembles you most?
What would you most likely be doing in your spare time?
What color lightsaber do you think you would have?
What kind of job would you like to have?
Darth Sidious You always take action.You have always been a leader. You are very powerful and dangerous. You could have been good once and now evil.
Anakin Skywalker People to you are difficult.You are very active and skillful. You wish that people could understand you more. You aren’t like most people. You are very optimistic and like to do things your own way.
Obi Wan Kenobi You are very normal and always follow directions. You are caring and are a people person.
Yoda You are very wise. People look up to you for advice, information and help.
Mace Windu You like to help others and always do your duty.
Padme You are very well liked. You are serious most of the time but you can also have your time to be silly. You follow directions very well and only do things that is right to do.
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