Archive | June 1, 2005


Ali and I finished closing out mom’s apt this weekend and now have a living room full of crap I need to got thru. It appears mom has saved every envelope she received since she moved in there. She just dumped them in bags with important documents and check copies. I am not looking forward to this. Happy Birthday to Me? Not bloody likely. We did have fun at the Highland Games and Disneyland even if my pain level both days became the major limiting factor about how much we could do. Fie on this damn neck and shoulder crap but as of today I have good health insurance and do something beside ibuprofen and Thermacare. I doped myself on muscle relaxants so much last night I’m still stoned.

Still, the Highland Games is always a highlight of the year and we came home with many treasures, including Malteasers for Ali and Nestle Smarties for me. Good thing they aren’t easy to find in this country ’cause I’m way to addicted and Alison was heartbroken that her Aero bars melted flat.