Archive | May 9, 2005

Light Rainy Moonday

The pirates played at faire again this weekend and finally the pagan stuff is starting to appear. Every time they move Faire the pagan stuff gets hidden until the culture climate is established. Before it comes out you have to hunt or ask for stuff from your favourite vendors.

I succumbed on Friday to the Dark side, I bought a digital camera. I was a photo minor and have resisted the evils of a non-film camera. I have to admit its lighter than my Nikon FM. I waited til I could get one with manual settings that at least approximated film plus it can do black and white. but I do miss my Kodachhrome 25. Sigh! How will I ever explain this to the Nikon.

I love white and yellow flowers of almost any sort. The more rare or odd the better. Now that I have the camera I may be a holy terror or unholy one. This is my favourite shy abutilon. She tends to hide her blooms and because she is in dense shade they aren’t as frequent as my other abutions.