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Tuesday troubles

My baby brother is having brain surgery for the next 2 days in a clinical trial. Quite frankly, I’m terrified. I don’t want to lose him. In my religion there is a circle of life we all ride and most of the time I accept that. My mother is on down side of the Wheel and her riding the Wheel doesn’t really bother me, partly because she’s so narcissistic and a bitch but losing Cam is more than I’m willing to accept at the moment. And selfish me wants to kick and scream about it. If he rides the Wheel, Ali and I will be alone and that is a scary thing. And a really bad stereotype, 2 lesbian sisters with cats living together. Yes, I have the Sjoberg/Cumming twisted sense of humour that skipped Cam (handlebear). He may look like them but he can’t pun like them. Sooo, if you know him and care about him please light a candle in whatever your belief system for the best possible outcome whatever that may be.

I keep remembering him chasing me with a snail or a worm which never really bothered me unless I wanted to stay clean temporarily. Or driving him to his first radiation treatments 17 years ago and talking and talking about stuff when we were small. Or him stealing my microscope light and setting my new christmas pillow case on fire and trying to hide it.

today’s installment

BunniHoTep and Ma’at

Once upon a time Ma’at’s feather was missing and no one even knew where to look.

Bastet’s kittens had been playing with it down by the Nile. They had borrowed it because it was such a nice swishy ostrich feather and were afraid to tell any one they had taken it. Everyone knows its part of the kitty code; feathers are irresistible to cats and kittens. The kittens being easily distracted by some swaying bull rushes forgot about the feather and never saw it float away on the spring air.

The next morning Ma’at got to the temple to hold court and weigh the souls that were waiting and the feather was gone. The souls weren’t too happy about this. One rich old man was especially distressed because Ammit kept coming up and sniffing him and drooling, He kept worrying that maybe he should have been nicer or more generous to the poor and he was right. He didn’t know he should have been very glad the feather was missing.

Ma’at wasn’t in the mood for this. She was a very busy goddess and the line was getting long. Something about a battle with the Hittites she thought. She really didn’t care how they got there in front of her just that they did. “ How in Geb’s name am I going to find that feather?” she asked herself.

Meanwhile, BunniHoTep had taken this fine spring morning as a time to do some chores around the temple den so she missed all the commotion up on Temple Row. She liked the peace and quiet of her small space. Lots of hubbub hurt her tender ears. So she puttered about doing simple chores. The Priestesses only came on Moonday and Saturn’s day. So the rest of the time she was on her own. She hunted the dust bunnies and dismissed them with vigor. She polished the brass candle holders with her tail. She inspected the latest temple offerings of carrots and nice, sweet lettuce. That was her favorite temple chore.

Pretty soon she decided she would hang out the temple laundry on the banks of the Nile where they could catch the fresh spring breezes. As she was enjoying those lovely spring breezes she noticed a large feather stuck in a basket that was floating by on the river. She recognized that feather as Ma’at’s but what was the feather doing in a basket floating down the river? What was a basket doing in the river?

She hopped down to the river side and hopped out on a log to grab the basket that had come to rest there. She grabbed the feather and stuck in the moon circlet she was wearing since she didn’t have any pockets. Then she got the fright of her life when the basket started to howl. There was a baby inside! What was going to do with a baby?

She heard the women washing clothes down the way and knew the Pharoah’s daughter was with them so she gave the basket a gentle push and decided to let the Pharoah’s daughter deal with the baby who quite frankly, needed a nappie change very badly. Maybe since they were doing laundry they wouldn’t mind so much. She had a feeling that baby was going to be trouble and she didn’t want anything to do with it.

She hopped up Temple Row and down to the Temple of Justice where there was now a line down the block. Ammit was drooling all over and making a mess. Anubis was impatiently waiting to take care of the people that should have come his way. So BunniHoTep hopped faster up the Temple steps and carefully avoided Ammit because she just looked too hungry and might try for small bunnie bits.

She hopped into the Temple and up to Ma’at’s feet one of which was tapping at a very fast rate. Ma’at had been very worried and goddesses of Justice are too full of their dignity to go rushing around looking for a feather, even the most important feather in the world. Goddesses who are also parent’s of small godlings like Isis know better.

BunniHoTep returned the feather quickly although she really did like the way it looked in the circlet. She just took the feather and went about her business. BunniHoTep shrugged and She hopped back down to her Temple to finish washing the altar cloths and decided she would watch the sunset later while enjoying a few of those new temple offerings of lettuce and carrots.

The End